Sand Dollar small Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

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Small dainty sterling silver sand dollar stud earrings, cast from real a sand dollar.

Perfect for beach lovers, sea inspired weddings, or just as a reminder of the Caribbean!

These pieces show all the details of the real sand dollar original, including the reverse. They are given a light oxidized finish to emphasis the delicate details of these exquisite shells.

Sand dollars also known as sea cookies, mermaid money and sea pansy's are a type of sea urchin, the white shell skeleton can be found washed up on beaches around the Caribbean and other tropical beaches and have long been prized for their beauty.

This collection has been cast from salvaged sand dollars skeletons, with recycled sterling silver being used for the dollar section.

Each earring is approximately 1 cm across

Packaged in your choice of Eco-conscious packaging or a hinged gift box